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Vitamins & Supplements

Orbytel provides top-notch custom labels and packaging for supplement companies looking to boost their brand and stand out from the competition. Our dietary supplement product cartons and labels are the perfect way to showcase your product and create a lasting impression on your customers.

Custom Cartons and Labels

Custom Supplement Cartons

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Enhance the efficacy of your supplement brand by utilizing personalized cartons for your dietary products. Tailored vitamin and supplement packaging stands out in a competitive market, stimulating sales among discerning clientele. Choose from our range of premium packaging solutions to elevate your brand's presence and allure.

Custom Supplement Labels

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Revitalize your health brand with custom supplement labels that enhance visibility and appeal on shelves. Explore our diverse label options ideal for dietary supplements, vitamins, and more. Benefit from our glossy laminate for clear printing of expiration and lot numbers, along with crisp, small fonts. Additionally, take advantage of our barcode generation service, frequently provided at no additional cost!


Ensuring that your brand's quality is reflected in the packaging of your vitamins or supplements instills trust in your offerings among customers. Our range of customization choices, such as paperboard cartons or soft touch laminate, allows you to align packaging with your brand identity. Leveraging our extensive experience in the product packaging sector, we possess the know-how to transform your distinctive vision into reality.

custom paperboard box


Fold Types
  • Tuck Top Tuck Bottom

  • Auto Bottom

  • Snap-Lock Bottom

Common Calipers (Thicknesses)
  • 16pt (0.016") - pencil box thickness

  • 18pt (0.018") - playing card thickness

  • 24pt (0.024") - credit card thickness

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Give your box the perfect look and feel by applying the right combination of laminate and coating. 

  • Gloss 

  • Matte 

  • Soft Touch 

  • Gloss UV

  • Matte UV 

  • Spot UV

Orbytel Website(1).png
Orbytel Website(1).png

Common Label Materials

Semi-Gloss Paper

Our most popular and lowest-cost material, great for most general purposes. It has a smooth, semi-gloss finish that is easy to read and write on. It can be printed with a variety of inks, including water-based, solvent-based, and UV-cured inks. Semi-Glass paper is not as water-resistant as other materials, but can be protected with a clear laminate.

White BOPP

A thin white polypropylene film that is water-resistant and keeps your product looking good throughout its life. This material does not absorb ink, so the print stays on the surface of the label. It is over-laminated with a thin layer of clear polypropylene for extra protection and is a good choice for products that will be exposed to moisture or water, such as food and beverage labels.

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Silver BOPP

A material with a shiny chrome-like finish. Silver BOPP is used to simulate silver foiling by laying down white ink to block out the negative space. It is a good choice for products that need to look luxurious or high-end.

Clear BOPP

A transparent polypropylene film that allows the product itself to show through. This option gives the illusion of no label at all; as if the print is applied directly on the surface. It is a good choice for products that want to look clean and modern.

Label Finishes

Gloss Laminate

Provides a beautiful glossy sheen to your labels.

Matte Laminate

Matte provides a dull, non-shiny finish to prevent any glare from surrounding lights.

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