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How to Find the Best Packaging Company for Your Product

There are thousands of packaging manufacturers nationwide.

label making production line

Each one has its own unique mix of capabilities and market segments. Whether you need large quantities of boxes, short runs, simple styles, luxury packaging, custom or stock items, heavier materials, large or small sizes, there is a manufacturer out there that will fit your needs. However, it’s not always clear from visiting a website exactly if the packaging you need fall in their sweet spot. In fact, often the websites are not even the manufacturers themselves but a broker. Brokers can be very useful as they already have a network of producers, but if you are looking for the manufacturer you may need to contact a few companies and get some quotes to hone in on the one that is best for your product.

Contact The Company

There is no better substitute than picking up the phone and actually talking. Not only will you be able to ask direct questions, but you’ll get a sense of the operation. Are they engaging and receptive to your needs or do they seem annoyed and talk over you? Are they willing to put in time to work with you or do they seem rushed?

Questions to Ask Prospective Packaging Companies

  1. Are you a manufacturer or a broker? Know who you are speaking to.

  2. Can you produce my package (type, size)? Not all facilities are equipped to handle your specific packaging

  3. Do you have any suggestions regarding package style and material that may be best for my product? Having a partner rather than an order taker can lower costs and improve quality of your packaging.

  4. What is your minimum quantity? Not all manufacturers can produce small quantities at a reasonable price and not all can produce larger volumes. Their minimum is a good indication of their capabilities. Minimums under 500 for smaller runs, 1,000 for medium to large runs, 5,000 for larger volumes.

  5. Do you outsource any part of the manufacturing process or is it all produced in house? Outsourcing not only increases price, but the manufacturer loses flexibility and may have issues meeting demand and lead times.

  6. Where are the facilities located? Don't forget to factor in shipping costs. Long distances could have an impact.

  7. What are your current lead times? Avoid surprise delays by understanding their typical turnaround times up front.

  8. Can you provide me with a quote? No obligation quotes will provide the clarity you need to make an informed decision. When comparing quotes, make sure they all used the same specs.


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