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Custom Product Labels

Orbytel produces labels in all shapes, sizes, and quantities. 

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With a low minimum order quantity and quick turnaround times, you can expect high-quality custom labels that exceed your expectations. All of our label materials are self-adhesive and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces such as plastic, glass, and cardboard.

Our labels are delivered in rolls and made with varying materials and coatings.  We offer full color magazine quality print using state-of-the-art printing presses.  The printed labels moves through our plant to finishing where it gets die-cut, inspected, and wound.  The rolled labels are then shipped directly to your warehouse or fulfillment center to be applied to your product by machine or by hand. 

We can help fit your label and create a dieline specifically for your product or use one of hundreds of dielines in our inventory.  After setting the dieline to your graphics, we will ensure it's print ready and sent to production.  

Common Label Materials

Semi Gloss Paper - This is our most popular and lowest cost material and is great for most general purposes

White BOPP - A thin white polypropylene film that is water resistant and keeps your product looking good throughout its life.  Since polypropylene film does not absorb the ink, it stays on the surface of the label and is over-laminated with a thin layer of clear polypropylene for extra protection.

Silver BOPP - This material has a shiny chrome-like finish.  It's used to simulate silver foiling by laying down white ink to block out the negative space.

Clear BOPP - This is a transparent polypropylene film that allows the product itself to show through. It gives the illusion of no label at all; as if the print is applied directly on the surface.

Common Label Finishes

Gloss Laminate - Provides a beautiful glossy sheen to your labels

Matte Laminate - Matte provides a dull, non-shiny finish to prevent any glare from surrounding lights.

Product Labels
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