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This page will help us gather the correct information for your carton (also known as retail box) needs. We ask for your carton's dimensions, material, coating and some basic contact information so we can personalize your free, no-obligation quote. If you already know your carton specifications, filling out the form is fast and easy, and takes about take five minutes.

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18pt SBS: This is our standard white paperboard.

14pt SBS: This material is thicker than our standard.

24pt SBS: This material is thinner than our standard.

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UV High Gloss: This coating will protect your package from damage from the sun's UV Rays which will fade the print.

Standard Sheen: This thing coating will protect your package from scratches, but not sunlight.

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Enter up to three quantities you'd like quotes for, Orbytel also offers customers the ability to print 'versions' of a carton. Versions are a great way to save money and have a custom carton for each individual scent, flavor of variation you may have.


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This section of our page contains easy-to-understand explanations to help you learn more the world package printing. We're experts at it with over fifty years of printing experience — let us help you print the perfect package!

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18pt SBS:  This is the most popular material used for packaging. SBS is short for "solid bleached sulfate," but most people know it as paperboard. It has a smooth white semi-gloss finish perfect for most printing applications.

14pt SBS: This is a thicker paperboard material used for heavier products, such as essential oil multi-packs, car care products, and self-care gift sets.

24pt SBS: This is the thinnest paperboard we offer. It is often used for packaging smaller and lighter options such as towels, sponges and even lipbalms.









If you have questions not addressed in our FAQ or your ideal material, coating or style isn't on this form, please call us at 216-267-8734, M-F 9am to 5pm EST.  You may also contact us via email at and someone will get back to you as soon as the next business day.


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Available Carton Styles

All you need to get started is your product — your hand cream, nutritional supplement, essential oil, whatever it is you intend to package — and a ruler. Carefully measure your product's length, width, and height (depth) in inches, then begin filling in the form with your dimensions. Be sure to use decimal points (instead of fractions) when entering your dimensions into the Request a Custom Quote form on the left; there's some helpful tips & hints available in the right column.